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Russian Schizophrenia

The current image of Russia is mainly dark, threatening and enigmatic. Marked by stories of espionage, fake news, aggression and vodka. Is it really so one-dimensional? Architect and architectural theorist Kiril Ass paints a critical picture of the country from the inside out, with special focus on Moscow’s urban development since 1989. From the turbo capitalism of the 1990s, followed by a phase of liberalisation, to the current shift towards nationalism and contradictory ideas of old grandeur – notions of the future that ultimately revolve only around the past.

Ass works as an architect in the firm of Alexander Brodsky. He also teaches at the independent Moscow School of Architecture. Together with his wife Nadya Korbut he creates immersive exhibitions for institutions such as the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and the Jewish Museum.

On architecture, urban planning and power in Moscow. An interview with Kiril Ass.

February 2017

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